Sunday, March 1, 2009

Beckham's Blessing Day

Today we blessed Beckham at church. We had some family and friends who came. It was great.

Ryan got no nap today so she was super tired.. but I got her a new dress and shoes for the occasion. Her shoes have Jewels on them and she LOVES them.! She was adorable.

Here's little Beckham. He wore some pinstriped khakis and a sweater vest. what a stud!

Ok it WAS cold out so we threw on a little skater jacket to and from church..

This is a funny little smile he made. I cant put my finger on what it looks like he's saying. any suggestions?

Ryan was snuggling and giving out kisses... He was laughing he loves Ryan. he's always watching her.

And... some parent shots.
I love my little family. Thanks everyone for all your help on such a crazy day. Love Ya.

Weekend at the Range

So this weekend we all went to Lee Kay shooting range with Adams new Glock and Bruces 22 and shotgun. We had a great time!
Heres Adam loading the Mag for me

I seriously was thinking Sydney Bristow while i was shooting! Well i obviously look like her so I figure I could shoot like her:) jk. not somuch

Ruth shot too and she did great! Thanks boys for taking us