Monday, June 16, 2008

Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day!!
Here's a little shout out to Adam and my dad for fathers day.

Here's some of the reasons that I love Him so.
Adam is great because :

-when we decide to go do something he is already gettting stuff ready .
- He helps me see clearly when i get overwhelmed. i.e cleaning the house
-he always tells me how great I look. (even when I look terrible)

- When I start worrying too much he lightens the mood and helps me relax.
-Sometimes I start talking too much and he doesnt tune me out. (too much)He just lets me talk
- He loves my family just as much as me
- He isnt afraid to show affection to Ryan or say "I love you" to her.(or me)

-He is loves the outdoors and just getting out like I do.
-He is Hot
- and last of all he is a bad Ace. Look at him go!
Overall Adam I love you and thanks for being a great dad to Ryan and a great Husband too.

Here is a shout out to my own dad (aka BIG J). Thanks for always being there for me and teaching me how to be a good person. I owe so much to you. love you

This is my dad and Adam at the homestead in Aztec.