Sunday, September 16, 2012

Warrior Dash 2012

Fire, dirt, barbed wire, rope walls, lake crossings, mud pits, turkey legs, music, viking hats and fun!  
Notice the sweet handprint - thanks jess
it was surprisingly fast!
One of the obsticles

Smoke and fire

The mud was so thick you could hardly pick up your legs to walk through it.

Our little viking girls cheered us on

Not to mention they were rocking out to the music

They had a blast

Adam was the funniest

The wonder woman!

And to top it off! a juicy turkey leg YUM


My girl bestie
My man bestie - ps he loves it when i get him all muddy like this 

Friday, September 7, 2012

First Day of Kindergarden


All set to go and still excited.

She finally got her mermaid backpack in the mail.

She started to get a little nervous so we decided to jog the block to her school.

That helped and she went right into her class.

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It went great! Her teacher called her "her little friend Ryan"and she watched out for her. I'm sure she watched out for all the kids  but she made her feel like she was there for her. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Our First Days of Soccer

Day 1
Here was our first day of practice. She refused to do anything but sit in the stroller. Adam played more soccer than her.
And her shoes/guards came off.
Day 2
She kept the footwear on Yay! This was real progress.

As long as Adam was coaching she would stay out there. She told me before practice "I'm only going to kick it once mom, but no more".

Before I knew it she was doing this.

And this... 

She totally over came her anxiety! I was so proud of her! Look at that smile. She was also so proud of herself. It made me so happy. It was hard for her but she did it. Way to go Ryan !xoxo


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Crabbing Season has begun!

One of the things that got us excited about moving here was crabbing. It has now been one year since we moved here and during this year we have tried a few times with our fishing pole crab traps.. no luck .. at all. we had always had our hopes up so high each time.. and then we'd come home with whiney tired kids, no crabs and super depressed. Not this time ! :) 

 We decided that we needed to get out farther. So adam brought his sit-on-top kayak to paddle out the crab pot. what a trooper
Meanwhile the kids played in the sad and had a great time.
Here is all we brought because we didnt expect to catch a darn thing! ( except maybe some Japanese Tsunami Debris) .. We have found water bottles and stuff.. japanese ones..

 Anyways so here is what Adam brought in .. he said "lisa i got some" and he grinned from ear to ear.. i was expecting a few small females (which you cant keep).
 Ta Da!!! so then I sent Adam to the local store to buy a cooler because i didnt want crabs crawling up the back of my van pinching the kiddos..:)
 So then we were ready!
 And out he went again! this time he went out to the buoys brought it up and put the crabs in a bucket behind him. (bravely) and then would paddle back to shore and put them in the cooler.
 each time he would bring in about was insane!
 Huge Dunganess crabs.. we estimated in a 2 hour period getting about 40-50.. So we started giving them out to the people around us fishing for them with poles like we use to do. there was one guy who  looked particularly frusterated. he went to the restrooms while his bucket and pole were there waiting for him. we snuck over and put a few in his bucket.. and you should have seen the look on his face when he looked down later and saw those crabs! he was so confused.:) ah haha it was so great;)
 So we came home and began the feast! We brought home 27 large crabs.
I LOVE this pic of Adam.. and the butcher knife..."its GO time"

 Getting our pot ready with the Crab boil seasoning.. (thank you brian for our pot and recipies) xoxoxo
 Adam lined them up so he could count them because we had no idea how many we had. ps don't they look creepy like they are coming to invade our lawn? be lucky i didnt take a pic of him cleaning and chopping them up.. gross  thanks Adam for not making me do it though:)
mmm..... we had so many we ended up freezing them in bags for another day... Today (sunday) was that other day and we tried the frozen ones out.. they were delicious.. Needless to say we are going to go on Saturday again if anyone wants to come with us.. we want to stock up our deep freezer for the winter.. i have to say i am liking Oregon more and more.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

We took the kids skiing last saturday and had a blast. We didnt realize that the resort was also having an end of the year party where you dress up in a costume and skii across a pool whilst a live band played.. so that is the music in the background.

 They both did so great.. Afterward we had hot chocolate and pb and j's.

Thanks Adam for such a great day!