Monday, March 28, 2011

Bread Making

When we were growing up my mom would have us help her make whole wheat bread. She would have us pat it and make our own little bread loafs... then with the extra we would throw on some cinnamon and sugar and make cinnamon rolls... all the while we usually had some fun music playing in the background.

Until recently i was overwhelmed with the entire process... it all started when we were in San Diego last month and we came across this awesome thrift shop.. and inside we found a Bosch Universal mixer... barely touched for $30.. regularly $400.. My mom saw it and immediately got it for me...

So that leads us to today.. Today was a take-2 phase of the Bread Making lesson in my life with my Mom, and I totally LOVED IT again! Especially with the Bosch- I could make 5 loafs of bread at once instead of 1...

Ryan wanted to join in on the fun as well:) She was my good little helper.

Rolling up the Cinnamon Rolls.

and cutting them with the string.

Ok so my loaves were a little uneven but they tasted amaizing and smelled so good.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

In Case You Didnt Know....

In case you didn't know we are expecting our 3rd little festus !!! October 5th ish.. which happens to be my moms birthday. funny huh! we are really excited and so are the kids. I am only 12 weeks along but I am getting big fast. I'm at that great point where no clothes fit me.. my regular ones or maternity its pretty fun. So 99% of the people i have asked say #3 will kill you... 1 person said her #3 was super super easy...! please give me some hope out there:) or advice for #3.