Monday, November 10, 2008

My Piano:)

Adam recently baught me a piano. I have always wanted one and it has been such a fun thing to have in our house. It really gives our house a "homey" feeling having music being played. Thank you so much Adam.
Ryan also loves playing it.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween "Bee" style

So for Halloween this year Ryan was a bee.. She was so cute! I know in blogging less is more but I couldnt decide so to save time i threw them all up. plus I love them all.

Our Halloween started out going to Adams work and trick or treating around some cubicles. She scored some goodies there. Oh and here's a bag I made for Ryan. It was supose to be a little smaller but I figure it will last her all her Trick or Treating days. She called it her "purse"

She kept saying "water meeoaon" as in watermelon sucker.. Oh and Adams costume is a business man working at backcountry..:)

Ok so later Jess and I took our girls to Tracy Aviary for free trick or treating around the aviary. They loved the ducks and owels.

She was soo cute!

Another sucker.

That evening we attended our ward Trunk or Treat.. she was definately winding down by then but still got some cute pics.

As per requests for pics of the belly this is the best i have for now.. a somewhat side shot.

Ah Ryan, you were such a great little bee. you stole my heart that day:)

Ok so i loaded this a little out of place, but here's a really funny video of the girls at the Aviary. Neither were hurt during filming:) Enjoy

Monday, October 6, 2008

Good Bye Brian!

My little brother Brian left for basic training in the Airforce a few weekends ago. Here are some pictures of our farewell weekend with him in New Mexico. We are so proud of him. And not to mention his supportive wife Rena whose home with Lexi and a baby on the way. We'll have you all in our prayers. Unfortunately my computer doesnt have a program to make me look any better in this picture.
Here are all the Bayley Boys out Four wheeling.

Brian and Hobie
Mom taking little Ryan on a spin around the homestead.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Ta Da! Its Finished!

Here's the before...and
Here it is! I finally finished Ryan's kitchen set. It has been such a fun project.

I found the cutest jewel knobs at Target! After weeks of looking around.

Thanks everyone for your imput on colors ect. Finally Ryan can play with it and her new kitchen food set she will be getting for her birthday Thursday. Happy Birthday Ryan.!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


We went camping this friday night up Brighton with some of our friends. We had a good time. The hike up was a little tough with all the kids and gear. But still fun

Ryan was so cute the next day walking around and exploring. Just like her dad.

Here is the funniest thing you'll ever see. Its Ryan riding the log like a "horsey". My battery died soon after so this is all I got.

Here are some pics from the I Phone.

Lawn Swimming

Here are a few of the pool favorites... magnetic turtles, Disneys Gus gus, and Dora in a bunny suit, and grass.

We have had a great summer swimming in our little blow up pool outside. We have loved having Kari and Spencer bringing Savannah over to swim too.
Good times everyone!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Apricot Season

So I have been wanting to can this year and I havent done it since i was a kid. So my friend Jess
and I got some apricots together and my mom helped me can them and make apricot/pineapple jam.. YUM!

We did it while Dad and Adam went to the Apple store.

My mom helped me get all set up with the pots and stuff that i would need.

With the remaining I am going to make fruit leather. I'll let you know how it comes out.:) ps thanks so much mom!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ryan's Birthday present

So I have been looking for a wooden kitchen set to some what restore for Ryans birthday in September. and I was about to give up when all of the sudden pulled through! for only 25$. It will be a fun project to keep me busy while pregnant. Any ideas for restoring? should I paint it pink or keep it red?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Baby Boy!

Hey everyone did we mention that we are having a baby? Oh and did we mention it is a boy!!!
yay!! we are so excited. He is due Dec. 20. here are some pictures.. some of them are too funny.

Here is his cute profile. He had the hiccups and looked like he was getting frusterated..poor lil guy.
Here he ws sucking his thumb..

In case you didnt believe us when we said he was a boy... here's the!!!

Another cute profile. look at his perfect spine.

We are up for suggestions for names by the way. (No we arent naming him Ryan or Rachel) however those suggestions were super funny!

Trip to Pennslyvania

So Ryan and I went to Pennsylvania to watch my sisters kids while her and her hubby went on trek. We had a blast . Unfortunately i came home and realized that I only got pics of my other sister who helped out and non of my sis Paula who was on Trek. And she's the one who flew me there. Sorry Paula! We had so much fun with you though.

Well Here's what I gave Ryan to get her through the airplane ride.
Dora Back Pack
My little Pony
Crayons/ Notepad
Downloaded Dora Episodes on Ipod Touch
Childrens Headphones (that restrict the volume.!! awesome)
And some candy

Here's what she looked like watching it.. She LOVED it.

Here's Ryan playing the chimes at Bonnies.

Here's Ryan playing the piano with Tristen at Paulas house.

Pennsylvanias Finest!

I love Pennsylvania... except for maybe this. Spotted leaving Hershey Chocolate World. "Gag what a tool!" haha


Hershey was where I first saw Dave Matthews Band in concert and i've been hooked ever since. So a moment of silence for Dave....
Paula, Bonnie and I packed up and went to Hershey Chocolate World

Ryan was facinated by what she saw.

This is on the ride.
It was a great trip.