Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sew Excited!

Recently a friend (Megan) took me to a really cute fabric store in Portland and It got me excited for sewing again.. so I took over our computer desk ( since we never put our laptops there anyways) and claimed it as my new sewing desk.:)
I even went through my fabric and got rid of stuff I wasnt using and organized the stuff I was using.
Including my scrap pieces!! (i'm super lame I know) Now I just need it to stop raining so I can refinish my desk ..

Sunday, November 13, 2011

September 29 2011 -Max Cardiff Buchanan

On thursday September 29th at 1:30 am came little Max Cardiff Buchanan.. I went into the hospital around 8:30 pm wed night with contractions (non painful) 5-7 mins apart. They told me that i wasn't progressing enough so i could wait it out or go home... so we went home.
As soon as I got home i had to go right back to the hospital in hard labor..! Adam zoomed through town again trying not to crash. They met me with a wheelchair and said "well i guess we should have kept you here:)" It was a great delivery and Max came 2 hours later with a nice comfy epidural:)
Adam was a true champ! every step of the way looking out for me.. and can i just say ...I LOVE delivery day!.. The snuggliest little soul, who you've always known, is finally in your arms.. How did you ever live with out this person before?
Max came out as calm as ever.. not screaming , just looking around and taking in the entire experience.. just as we were.
We had some great ladies in our ward stay at our house with our kids until Grandma came the next morning.
Then Ryan and Beckham came to the hospital the next morning to meet their new baby brother.. Beckham was instantly in love with him.. he couldnt stop saying how little he was and "so handsome"...like me:) Ryan was a little leary at first.. she had to check me out to see if i was ok and at first wouldnt touch me or the baby... she finally did and now i cant stop her from kissing him or snuggling him.. she really watches out for him :)
Proud dad-
His first Bath..
Lets not forget to mention his AWESOME hair!! I finally got a kid with some hair i can do something with:)

I just love his guts:)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Portland Temple visit

This morning we had some time so we drive 20 mins to the Portland Temple. It was beautiful!
So were our pics so i posted a ton! Sorry:)
Ryan was a wonderful "ham" and Beckham wouldnt stop running to take his pic!

My kids have never seen so many different flowers before:)

She kept twirling in her dress that Mimi got for her:)

This was a tantrum
My handsome husband

Heres a really funny running sequence of Becks- check it out

He was totally bookin' it

I loved the peaceful feeling there- great way to start our morning

Oregon Coast

Woke up from a nap to find himself at the beach... probably a little shell shocked.
I was told this was Cannon Beach.. i think its also the "Goonies" beach... correct me if i'm wrong though:)

This is Ryan in the "zone" :)

Cheese Factory anyone?! we didnt take the tour but we will another day

Monday, March 28, 2011

Bread Making

When we were growing up my mom would have us help her make whole wheat bread. She would have us pat it and make our own little bread loafs... then with the extra we would throw on some cinnamon and sugar and make cinnamon rolls... all the while we usually had some fun music playing in the background.

Until recently i was overwhelmed with the entire process... it all started when we were in San Diego last month and we came across this awesome thrift shop.. and inside we found a Bosch Universal mixer... barely touched for $30.. regularly $400.. My mom saw it and immediately got it for me...

So that leads us to today.. Today was a take-2 phase of the Bread Making lesson in my life with my Mom, and I totally LOVED IT again! Especially with the Bosch- I could make 5 loafs of bread at once instead of 1...

Ryan wanted to join in on the fun as well:) She was my good little helper.

Rolling up the Cinnamon Rolls.

and cutting them with the string.

Ok so my loaves were a little uneven but they tasted amaizing and smelled so good.