Sunday, August 28, 2011

Portland Temple visit

This morning we had some time so we drive 20 mins to the Portland Temple. It was beautiful!
So were our pics so i posted a ton! Sorry:)
Ryan was a wonderful "ham" and Beckham wouldnt stop running to take his pic!

My kids have never seen so many different flowers before:)

She kept twirling in her dress that Mimi got for her:)

This was a tantrum
My handsome husband

Heres a really funny running sequence of Becks- check it out

He was totally bookin' it

I loved the peaceful feeling there- great way to start our morning

Oregon Coast

Woke up from a nap to find himself at the beach... probably a little shell shocked.
I was told this was Cannon Beach.. i think its also the "Goonies" beach... correct me if i'm wrong though:)

This is Ryan in the "zone" :)

Cheese Factory anyone?! we didnt take the tour but we will another day