Monday, November 10, 2008

My Piano:)

Adam recently baught me a piano. I have always wanted one and it has been such a fun thing to have in our house. It really gives our house a "homey" feeling having music being played. Thank you so much Adam.
Ryan also loves playing it.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween "Bee" style

So for Halloween this year Ryan was a bee.. She was so cute! I know in blogging less is more but I couldnt decide so to save time i threw them all up. plus I love them all.

Our Halloween started out going to Adams work and trick or treating around some cubicles. She scored some goodies there. Oh and here's a bag I made for Ryan. It was supose to be a little smaller but I figure it will last her all her Trick or Treating days. She called it her "purse"

She kept saying "water meeoaon" as in watermelon sucker.. Oh and Adams costume is a business man working at backcountry..:)

Ok so later Jess and I took our girls to Tracy Aviary for free trick or treating around the aviary. They loved the ducks and owels.

She was soo cute!

Another sucker.

That evening we attended our ward Trunk or Treat.. she was definately winding down by then but still got some cute pics.

As per requests for pics of the belly this is the best i have for now.. a somewhat side shot.

Ah Ryan, you were such a great little bee. you stole my heart that day:)

Ok so i loaded this a little out of place, but here's a really funny video of the girls at the Aviary. Neither were hurt during filming:) Enjoy