Sunday, September 16, 2012

Warrior Dash 2012

Fire, dirt, barbed wire, rope walls, lake crossings, mud pits, turkey legs, music, viking hats and fun!  
Notice the sweet handprint - thanks jess
it was surprisingly fast!
One of the obsticles

Smoke and fire

The mud was so thick you could hardly pick up your legs to walk through it.

Our little viking girls cheered us on

Not to mention they were rocking out to the music

They had a blast

Adam was the funniest

The wonder woman!

And to top it off! a juicy turkey leg YUM


My girl bestie
My man bestie - ps he loves it when i get him all muddy like this 


Kari Lynne said...

That looks so dang fun. I did a mud race this year and it wasn't as cool at that.

Lisa B. said...

next september! you and me kari!:)